Super Bowl Sunday

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Well that was easy. Chiefs got knocked out in the AFC Championship, so I had no reason to watch.

Instead, Ann and I had a nice dinner at Dante’s Fire down on Grant. They had happy hour pricing and we enjoyed a pretty good small-plate feast.

Then we went to see Vice at Roadhouse Cinema. It’s a decent theater chain that offers full recliner chairs, waitstaff service, with full bar and food menu. Wife also noticed they offer a deal of bottomless popcorn if you buy a t-shirt. Maybe next time we go back she’ll take advantage.

Movie was OK but it was just nice to avoid the pain of watching yet another New England shitshow. Plus it turned out to be the most-boring SB in history (lowest scoring + crappy halftime) so I feel I came out ahead.

I also topped off a complete no-football agenda by watching the last half of Dr. Zhivago, which was on TMC. That movie always makes me appreciate a cozy Lay-Z-Boy.

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