Back in Tucson

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Most of you probably know already, but The Wife and I moved back to Tucson a few months ago.

I say ‘moved back’ because my better half was born/raised/educated in the Old Pueblo. And I spent a good portion of my pre-college days working for a Tucson company, spending four years (+/-) rotating in-and-out of town for business. We both know about the heat, but we also know about the stunning sunsets and vast family we’ll get to ‘enjoy’ as we settle back in.

We found a lovely house up near the Rillito River wash, near Prince and Country Club. It’s close to The Loop, which is a continuous (and paved) 55-mile circle around the Tucson metro area. Picture a ton of walkers, runners, bikers, plus a few on horseback.

My wife will also get to re-connect with her beloved alma mater: The Univ. of Arizona. She’ll start going to alumni events at the j-school and might even find herself at a basketball game.

Some of the things we’re hoping to do together soon include: a trip to the Grand Canyon, a getaway to Rocky Point down in Mexico, making the short drive to San Diego to demand hospitality from Jen & Dave, and just getting back to traveling more often.

Of course everyone’s welcome to pay a visit. We know a few good places to share with friends.

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