Summer report

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Last update was about the garden, so let me get that report out of the way: The peppers did great. Several Cubanelles, Anaheims, and Sante Fe Grandes. The latter was extra spicy, and the others were not.

I liked the Cubanelles because they provide that chile pepper flavor without a ton of heat. Just enough to make it zesty. The Anaheims were used for grilling. Throw them on with steaks and you’re all set.

The tomatoes didn’t fare so well. Almost all of the green tomatoes on my big plants (Celebrity & Bush Goliath) were looted by burrowing ground squirells. They literally dug a hold next to the garden plot and staged a jailbreak on everyone one of my plants. Fuckers!

New gig is going very well. Now I’m building websites in a quasi-governmental environment. Whereas before it was always move fast and think faster, now I can take several months to plan a web launch. It will take some getting used to. But so far everyone’s been very nice.

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