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After interviewing for numerous roles at the UofA, Raytheon, and elsewhere around town, it became apparent that I’d do better by driving my own bottom line.

I hit the interview trail with a fancy presentation, talked up a big web game, flashed a big smile, and it paid off. SaddleBrooke HOA retirement community up in Catalina (north of Tucson, nestled next to the mountains on the road to Oracle) said yes to the dress. I started work on Thursday.

As it’s a 1099 contract situation, I had to form a company. So I basically spent my 50th birthday sitting at home wearing my old-man glasses and filling out tax docs, mostly for the State of Arizona. Federal EIC was easy, but the Arizona Corporation Commision wasn’t and neither was the AZ Dept. of Revenue.

But it all worked out and Poff Development is an LLC in ‘active’ status with the State of Arizona as of March 21, 2019.

Now available for hire.

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