I'm Curt Poff and this site is my personal blog. My homepage and resume live over on the curtpoff.com domain. But it all leads back to me. Feel free to verify my ID at Keybase.

I have worked as a producer/project manager for the past 15 years, now with web developer added to my array of skills. E-mail me if you know of any good gigs available.

I am married to the lovely Go Fit Girl! We recently relocated to Tucson, previously from Portland and the Bay Area. I’m also a huge sports fan. My teams include the Kansas City Royals, Chiefs, Mizzou (football & hoops), Newcastle United (long story), Portland State, Timbers, and Trail Blazers. It’s a lot, I know.

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  • Pozole recipe

    Fat Max asked to see my pozole recipe. The dude abides.

  • Kicking off the new year with style

    The Nike contract ran out just before the holidays. I had three contract extensions, running for 18 months total. I interviewed for a few gigs but it looks like my days with The Swoosh are over. So Ann and I are both wondering what’s next.

  • Seasons are rolling again

    Last winter was brutal, but the seasonal changes since then have been pretty nice. Long spring (blah), warm summer, lovely colors this fall, now returning to winter.

  • United Nations jobs

    With the Trump election in recent memory, I was entertained by the stories about Canada’s immigration site crashing. To support my expatriate dreamers, here’s a list of UN gigs I have from an old bookmark file.

  • Sayonara summer

    Man, did we ever have a gorgeous summer. Last year was waaaay too hot. But this year was fantastic. Warm, sunny, lovely sunsets, the works.

  • Career move, new shoes

    Last week I started work at Nike. It’s a contract gig for upwards of a year, but on-site at the company HQ in Beaverton. I’m very excited.

  • Spring is in the air

    This week finally saw the arrival of spring. It’s been a hard winter and I’m so glad spring is here.

  • March Madness

    Ann and I are about to depart on our annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas for the opening of the NCAA Tournament. It’s a big deal for us.

  • Celebrate Leap Year

    Happy Feb. 29th!! Doesn’t happen every year.

  • Four seasons in PDX

    People typically have a predictable opinion of Portland weather. Gray and rainy, with flashes of warm and sunny. This winter has lived up to all stereotypes.

  • Portland's home sports teams

    One of the things you have to deal with when you relocate is changes to your regional sports affiliation. Yeah, Portland has the Timbers and Blazers. But what else is in our TV market?

  • Another quality visit

    Cathering Bracy paid her first visit to Oregon, and we happily played host on the Portland wing of her expedition.

  • Slow time of year for sports

    The NFL playoffs are down to the final four and my Chiefs are now eliminated. Rough finish to a rough season. Thus begins the slow season for sports.

  • Big trouble in eastern Oregon

    I’d like to offer a summary on the standoff going on out in the eastern part of Oregon. It’s complicated but I’ll try to use adequate sourcing.

  • Here's to a new year

    2015 was a transitional year for me. The lovely wife and I relocated, changed careers, and left a great group of friends and colleagues in the Bay Area. It’s been a challenge, but I’m very excitied about the future.

  • Christmas season in full swing

    Cheesemas went off without a hitch and everyone had a wonderful time. Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy some holiday laziness. Football, binge-watching TV shows, homemade posole. It’s all in the cards.

  • Cheesemas is here!

    This Saturday we’ll host our annual holiday party, also known as Cheesemas. How that party got to this point is a long story.

  • I'm all about championships

    I’m very excited to have been along for TWO championships this year. Lucky me.

  • New theme for the Jekyll blog

    Yesterday I re-installed an advanced version of my Jekyll blog that included a new theme. Hope you find it suitable.

  • New Linux installation on old iMac

    I installed Ubuntu Linux on an old iMac over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Actually, I did most of the work on Thanksgiving day and cleaned it all up today (Friday)

  • Bootstrap homepage now operational

    I now have a valid (and secure) website hosted at curtpoff.com. You may also notice that I’ve successfully installed a CNAME record pointing this blog to a subdomain of curtpoff.com.

  • Here comes the ham

    Just participated in another annual tradition, this time with a Thanksgiving twist. I ordered a ham and bacon shipment from Burgers Smokehouse in Missouri.

  • Meat on the table

    As I mentioned earlier, this weekend was the opening of firearm deer season in my hometown. It’s a special event for me. It’s a family affair that reinforces our hunting tradition.

  • Move to Portland

    Our good friend Eric Blumenau came to town for work this week with his girlfriend, Danielle Reichner. We had a great time showing them around town.

  • Deer season

    This weekend is our annual pilgrimage to the family homestead in Missouri. The trip always coincides with the opening weekend of firearm deer season, in which I plan to participate.

  • Royals are champions

    The Portland celebration went late into the night on Sunday as the KC Royals won the World Series.

  • Portland Code School goes under

    On Saturday night I got word via Slack channel that the locks at Portland Code School have been changed and everyone’s on their own.

  • Big October

    October is typically a busy month in our household. Ann’s birthday, our anniversary, plus almost every other anniversary on the planet. Another big birthday this year belongs to one of my best friends: Ken Conforti. Ken and I were roommates back in the late ’90s. He turns the big 5-0 next week.

  • Happy birthday to my lovely wife

    My wife - Ann Chihak Poff - turns 41 on Friday. Check out her blog and I’m sure you’ll agree that she may be the most lovely 41-year-old on the planet.

  • Time to play with some Jekyll themes

    Now that I have the Jekyll basics down, I’m going to start tweaking some theme/template options. I want more stuff in the header, and more obvious linking between this blog and my GitHub profile. I’m not convinced the simple footer does enough.

  • Fall is in the air

    Baseball playoffs are about to begin, meaningful football games, and fall colors about hit peak season. I love this time of year.

  • Ciao bella

    Our friend Monica visited us this weekend. She and her husband Giovanni (both Italians) are friends of ours from the Bay Area. They were in Ann’s cycle class at the gym and we got to know each other over the years.

  • I served up a massive jinx

    Two weeks ago I shot my mouth off about how every single football team in my corner happened to win. Royals, Chiefs (went on the road to thump the Texans), Mizzou (looked horrible against an inferior opponent), Arizona, Portland State (knocked off Washington State for the school’s first ever win against a Pac-12 opponent).

  • My blog strategy

    Let me elaborate on something I mentioned earlier:

  • Job search strategy

    Now that I’ve spoken to several companies about web developer jobs, it’s clear the market is more competitive than I originally estimated. I’ve been dead-set against pursuing internships or volunteer opportunities in favor of a full-time (paid) role. I plan to maintain that strategy for as long as possible.

  • Reset, all over again

    I feel like I finally have a grip on Jekyll as it runs in GitHub Pages. It took several attempts to install the Jekyll engine (parser) inside the existing directory and setup, but it seems to be working. I had to delete the Pages directory a couple times and it looks like I lost some update counts. But whatevs.

  • Still on the lookout

    Summer is drawing to a close here in Portland, and I’m still looking for work. I had a good month of job search once my code class was done. But no solid offers came from it. So I’ll continue the search.

  • Jekyll is now running

    I recently installed the Jekyll blog engine on my GitHub Pages site. All good so far but the configuration is going to take some time.

  • Panic!

    Today several of us from Portland Code School took a tour of Panic Software. We do about one tour a week and this one was pretty unique.

  • More fish, please

    Over the years, my wife and I got into the habit of eating most meals separately. The idea evolved from Ann’s dietary needs. She eats pretty healthy. I usually piece together what I can.

  • Introduction

    We’ve been playing around with static site generators. Since I’m already using GitHub and Pages it seemed only logical that I use for testing. Jekyll is pretty straightforward so far. Let’s see how I can make this easier.