Royals are champions

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The Portland celebration went late into the night on Sunday as the KC Royals won the World Series.

The Royals are my original team. I grew up rooting for them, my first big-league game was there, and my first title came in 1985. Then 30 years of small-market problems. Sitting there watching big-market teams (Yankees!!) spend ten times more in payroll and dominate the league.

Looking back on this year’s Series, it’s easy to say the Mets weren’t even the best team in the NL. They just got hot at the right time and wound up in the championship round (where they got dominated, four games to one). The Royals put on an impressive display of aggressive play and resilience.

KC was a fun team to watch and a great team to root for. Hats off to them. Several times this week I’ll be cracking open a fresh beer and re-watching the final game. Proud as hell.

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