Pozole recipe

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Fat Max asked to see my pozole recipe. The dude abides.

3-ish lbs. of pork shoulder, diced to bite size
2 large cans of mild enchilada sauce
1 cup of dry beans - pinto, great northern, they all work - that you pre-soak overnight
1 large can hominy

I use a standard crock-pot. Crank it up to High. Dump in both cans of enchilada sauce plus 1-2 cans of water. This is your broth. More water = less spicy. Add beans and pork then cover. Stir hourly and maybe skim some of the fat. Not all of it, just some.

After 3-3.5 hours add the drained hominy. You don’t add it from the start because after a couple hours the hominy disintegrates. So just add it at the end.

Should all be done after four hours. You can check by sampling a hunk of pork.

Serve in a regular bowl with a big dollop of sour cream and some chopped green onion. Family tradition also dictates a side of cheese crisps (toasted tortillas with cheese).

This makes several servings but no worries. It’s also very good warmed over.