Portland Code School goes under

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On Saturday night I got word via Slack channel that the locks at Portland Code School have been changed and everyone’s on their own.

I just completed the flagship course at PCS - the Full Stack Javascript Immersion - so I have skin in the game. The shit part is the fact that there are classes currently in session, and it appears unlikely that any refunds will be offered.

Once word got out some students and employees immediately formed a channel and picked up the communication in an effort to get the current students set up to finish what they started. That includes generous offers of work space (from graduates and mentors) and teaching assistance from the fantastic staff. All of whom are now out of work.

It’s also a hit to folks like myself who have just recently entered the job market. We rely on (and were quite explicitly promised) support in our job search. I’m sure I’ll be fine, but it’s still bad news.