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Today several of us from Portland Code School took a tour of Panic Software. We do about one tour a week and this one was pretty unique.

First, Panic is the first company we toured where I’m a customer. I’ve been a long-time Transmit FTP user. Plus I’ve become a bit of a Coda fan lately. First class software all around.

Secondly, this was the first pure software business we’ve seen. It’s not an agency or coders-for-hire outfit. They build their own stuff and sell it for a living.

The most-interesting thing about Panic is their absolute lack of employee turnover. They only have about 15 employees to begin with. And the fellow speaking today said they’ve only had two departures in his tenure (since 2011).

In today’s tech market, that’s absolutely tremendous. I guess it shows that if you take care of your employees, you don’t have to deal with turnover.