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Let me elaborate on something I mentioned earlier:

For now I’ve been fiddling with this blog and my GitHub Pages stuff in general.
The Jekyll blog portion is fascinating because it involves a
very basic platform for web publishing. The entire process has been well-documented
and demonstrated in Joshue Lande’s blog entry.

I’ve created many, many blogs. Some professional, some private, some well-planned, some on a whim, the whole shebang. And none of them did what I wanted. I’d create a new WordPress site and throw a couple posts up there to get it started. Then add a couple content modules and Twitter/FB streams to fill the space.

The problem is that I’m very good and creating content aggregators and very bad an creating the content itself. I’d rather write the code to serves the content rather than write the posts to support it.

I hope this Jekyll blog is different and that it sustains everyone’s attention, including my own. It won’t have comments or share buttons. My social scheme is to close-up with a line about Twitter that will be something like:

share this page with your followers
follow me

Anyway … Jekyll should be easy to maintain and play around with. Expect a few tricks as we go, but nothing fancy.