Meet Geordie

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This poor guy showed up with an infected toe (which has since been amputated), a case of hookworms, numerous scars from god knows what kind of living conditions, and a big ol’ smile. Don’t believe me?

He’s fitting in pretty well. We have an enclosed yard so he has free run to do his business. He’s attended several meet-and-greet events and has done very well at all. He’s also met all the local family members and most of their pets - doing very well at those too. So he’s making himself right at home. Plus this week my mom delivered a nice fleece-lined raincoat so he can stop being such a pansy in the rain.

We have to deal with separation anxiety so Ann takes him to work with her. He does great there and everyone in that office loves him.

What most people don’t know is that greyhounds lead a very sedentary lifestyle. They’re only active about four hours a day. The other 20 hours are spent laying down and naptime. Seriously, it’s a whole lotta this:

I’m kinda envious TBH.

We’re already talking about possibly fostering another greyhound. Maybe we can alleviate Geordie’s anxiety and get another poor rescue in good hands. Based on our first experience, I can’t recommend greyhounds enough. They are the most lovable, social, routined pet a household could want.

And don’t ever try to tell me he doesn’t appreciate a new home that offers a bowl of kibble all to his own, a few squeaky toys, and a warm bed to sleep in.