March Madness

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Ann and I are about to depart on our annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas for the opening of the NCAA Tournament. It’s a big deal for us.

We’ve been going on this trip for about five to six years. Our friends Jen and Dave Cieslak always join us. Plus a few additional guests here and there. Always a good crowd.

The trip agenda is almost always the same: Arrive just as the first games tip of Thursday morning, head to our home away from home Ellis Island Casino, order a truckload of dollar beers and dollar hotdogs, place a few parlays, then sit back and collect winnings.

Ellis Island is a dive-y casino. But it has a sports book backed by very appealing food/drink specials during the tourney. They brew their own beer so the dollar draws are actually good. Although being a dive bar means it takes an act of Congress to get the TVs arranged properly. And service can be pretty shitty. But whatever. Cheap and easy are our two primary requirements.

We also usually pick out the warmest day and head to the pool. That will definitely be the case this year since we’re coming from a rain-soaked Pacific Northwest.

Looking forward to a festive weekend!

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