Here's to a new year

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2015 was a transitional year for me. The lovely wife and I relocated, changed careers, and left a great group of friends and colleagues in the Bay Area. It’s been a challenge, but I’m very excitied about the future.

Go somewhere new and start something new. We both did.

Ann went to work as soon as we arrived in PDX. She started teaching regular indoor cycling and yoga classes at various gyms/studios. It’s been great. She keeps a regular professional schedule and alots time to speak to students. She takes it seriously.

I went to school. Portland Codes School’s javascript immersion program went three months over the summer. I took the primer class in the spring so I was prepared. I spent the entire autumn and a portion of winter searching for work. I had several good talks but no job offers materialized. I have a couple conversations going now and am very optimistic. Looking forward to getting back to work. Into a regular schedule again.

We also look forward to traveling again, something we can only do as a dual-income family. Looking forward to picking through the greatest hits when we formulate our Xmas cards.

I hope 2016 treats everyone well.

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