Deer season

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This weekend is our annual pilgrimage to the family homestead in Missouri. The trip always coincides with the opening weekend of firearm deer season, in which I plan to participate.

Ann always joins too but her activity almost always involves lounging on the couch in a Snuggie the parents purchased special for her use. This year she’s also doing some work: A special yoga workshop. The hometown is usually devoid of yoga classes so this should be a spcial treat.

My brother is bringing both of his young sons for the hunt, too. So I imagine I’ll have company in my ground blind should the weather turn bad. No way they’re going to last on his elevated platform stand out in the elements. Looking forward to it.

I keep trying to get my friends David and Cyrus to spend some time with me in the deer stand. Hopefully one of those guys will take me up on it one of these days.

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