Cheesemas went off without a hitch and everyone had a wonderful time. Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy some holiday laziness. Football, binge-watching TV shows, homemade posole. It’s all in the cards.

Yesterday was Christmas and we just lounged around the house. Ann and I had our feast the previous night - as is our tradition. Ann taught a yoga workshop in the afternoon, then we went for an evening showing of the new Star Wars movie at the Baghdad Theatre. Good times.

The weather has been terrible here. Cold and rainy, but not enough for snow. For now I just take my daily walk when the weather looks suitable.

Tonight we’re joining another couple for pizza and beers at a new place in Multnomah Village. But for now it’s all football and Game of Thrones (which happens to be airing all previous seasons over the coming days on HBO).


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26 December 2015




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