Just participated in another annual tradition, this time with a Thanksgiving twist. I ordered a ham and bacon shipment from Burgers Smokehouse in Missouri.

Ann and I aren’t really turkey fans and we don’t like the fuss of fixing one for Thanksgiving. So we got in the habit of ordering one of the fantastic country hams from Burgers. It comes cooked and sliced, sealed in a vacuum pack. You just have to heat it up for about an hour and it just falls right off the bone.

It keeps very well too. Good for leftovers for a couple weeks. Plus you get a big, meaty ham bone when it’s all done. So I may take a crack at a crock pot of ham & beans this year.

Ann also like the bacon sampler. They have a variety of bacon varieties so we just get a sampler pack. Here’s the one we got this year. Some of you might prefer the bacon steaks.

Looking forward to the feast next week!


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20 November 2015




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